Posted by on December 31, 2016

Christmas is a special time here at Susan’s House. Everyone feels at home in our family.

Tips to Having a Merry Sober Christmas for the Recovering Alcoholic
This is a difficult time of year for anyone who is struggling with alcoholism. With all of the gatherings and social events we are surrounded by alcohol and people who are enjoying it. When a person is new to sobriety or struggling to get to the other side, facing a Holiday is often a hurdle which seems to high to overcome.

Thinking back to my early sober Christmases I realize that I actually had a plan which helped me do Christmas sober. I spent time with some people who had more sobriety than I did, picking their brains and developing a system for myself to ensure that I was going in this prepared.

You CAN have a Sober Christmas, we don’t need to have 100 proof blood running through our veins to get into the Holiday spirit…and it’s amazing to wake up with no regrets and fond memories.

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