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By May Wilkerson at The Fix 02/17/16
millennials drink most wine

Millennials are also more eager to try wine from all over the world.

The wage gap and social inequality aside, when it comes to drinking wine, women are ahead of the boys. And this is especially true among today’s 20-somethings. Millennials in general are dominating the wine market, according to a new report conducted by the Wine Market Council. People in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s are now guzzling nearly half the wine purchased in the US, the report found. And among frequent wine drinkers under the age of 30, women are are drinking twice as much wine as men.

Now that the youngest millennials, classified as people born between 1978 and 1995, are of legal drinking age, their wine drinking is off the charts. As a group, millennials consumed 159.6 million cases of wine in 2015, an average of two cases per person. That’s 42% of all the wine drank in the US that year, and more than any other generation drank.

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