On Site / On Call Registered Nurse

Buddha watches over our yardYou will receive professional on call assistance while experiencing post-detox symptoms that may include agitation, restlessness, pain and/or paranoia. This period is characteristically the most difficult time for a newly sober patient. Each drug detox has its own set of evils that will try to tempt you back to it. Medications take time to leave your body. After acute medical detox your body is going to feel the effects for differing lengths of time. Some drugs such as Valium and Ativan will take three months post acute detox for the body to physically feel well. During post-detox, it is typical to have 5 to 6 good days followed by two days that are not so good and then to have this pattern repeated at assorted lengths of time, liking it to the tide going out. Eventually as the tide goes out, the symptoms will disappear as long as the person stays sober but it is important during this time that moral is kept up on the ”not so good days” when the person is restless, unable to sleep, tingling limbs, and experiences crawling skin. This is when having an on-site nurse in a sober living home can help. A professional nurse is there on those hard days or at two in the morning, to advise on ways to sleep, encourage ways to keep going, listen and share alternative ways to relieve the pain. She can help you develop a set of tools that will allow you to stay sober in the real world.

One-on-One Attention

Individual needs are determined by assessment, and met by tailored services within structured residency phases. Residents are frequently assessed and monitored during their stay to ensure that their needs are continually being met. We offer weekly in house meetings and group relapse education classes. There is zero-tolerance for drug and alcohol use during residency. Random and as-needed drug testing and breathalyzing help us to provide a safe and sober living environment. Referrals to quality recovery services and community 12-Step AA meetings are required and available for all residents.

Child and Pet Friendly Environment

pet friendly environmentWe understand that your children and pets are important members of your family and instrumental in your recovery. Families are welcome to visit and children are welcome to stay over. This will help to build on a healthy family unit once you leave.

We also recognize the many physical and psychological benefits seen in residents when they interact with their pets. These include lowered blood pressure and heart rate, decreased stress levels, reduced feelings of anger, tension and anxiety and improved social functioning.

Sober Living space for 4 women

sisterhood, companionship, supportThis intimate environment ensures highly individualized attention to your recovery needs. It also fosters a lasting fellowship with other women through shared experience.

Wireless Internet and Cable TV

Stay connected

Opportunities to rejuvenate through exercise and community

Creative Arts Workshopsprojects: terrariums

Residents participate in arts and crafts, painting and multi-media art projects to promote self-expression.

• Exercise and Gym
• Residents are encourage to participate in physical activities.
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