At Susan’s House, our philosophy is to treat each member of the house with genuine respect, warmth, and care. After 
fulfilling their stay in the house, each individual graduates with the proper foundation required to live a life filled with harmony and self

What makes Susan’s House stand out from any other sober living is simple: you are a part of the family as soon as you arrive. At Susan’s House you quickly become part of a sisterhood. It is through this woman-to-woman camaraderie that graduates of Susan’s House learn to live a life of integrity, grace and dignity as sober women in the world.

We limit residential enrollment to 4 women at a time. This highly individualized approach promotes the development of strong interpersonal relationships during the treatment process. These key relationships are instrumental in assuring and sustaining recovery success.

Members find immediate guidance for issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and pain. Susan’s extensive detox and psychiatric training makes this possible – without the dependency of drugs or alcohol.


Susan Painter is a Licensed Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience in medical & surgical nursing. For the last 18 years, Susan has worked in addictive medicine in an acute hospital setting in Los Angeles. This is where she gained her extensive knowledge of detoxing patients from alcohol and drugs, including suboxone, from some of the best addiction specialists here in California. During this time, she has worked with cutting edge, innovative and creative therapists, counselors, nurses, psychiatrists and doctors. She can now bring all of this knowledge to her residents.

She is trained in de-escalation techniques to manage emotions and behaviors and holds and a current MAB license (management of assaultive behavior). She offers an extensive referral network of healing professionals for all residents to access.

Susan has also worked abroad in Israel and England. Her RN Training and certification in OR and ICU were obtained at Kings College, London in 1984.

Currently in the AA program, Susan has been sober for over 21 years, attends regular AA meetings, works with a sponsor and continues to remain active in the AA community. Susan offers weekly relapse prevention education for women in substance rehabilitation programs.


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