1. Are residents required to participate in 12- step activities?

Yes, residents must be involved in 12-step meetings. This assures the best outcome for a stable and lasting recovery. Residents go to meetings and work with a sponsor. We offer assistance in finding community-based meetings that work with your schedule.

2. Are residents medically monitored?

Upon admission, residents sign a release to speak to their doctor to ensure medication safety. Residents are required to disclose any prescribed medications they are taking upon assessment and during their residency. They are responsible for taking medications as prescribed. Staff members become involved only if problems develop from failure to adhere to medical recommendations.

3. Do you conduct drug testing?

Random drug testing is conducted regularly in order to assure all residents with a safe and stable drug and alcohol-free environment. Outside referrals are made if residents are unable to stay drug free.

4. Do you offer referrals to therapy and psychiatric services?

Due to Susan’s extensive medical background within the Los Angeles area, she has a great referral network which clients are welcome to utilize. Referrals are made for doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, acupuncture and other professional services.

5. What is your relapse policy?

Susan’s House has a zero tolerance policy related to drug and alcohol use. By working closely with each resident, our team frequently prevents the occurrence of relapse. When a resident does relapse, Susan’s House Staff intervenes, assesses the resident’s immediate need for support, and coordinates with the client’s treatment team to follow and closely monitor the implementation of their recommendations.

6. What is the biggest problem women face in early sobriety?

Most newly sober women haven’t had a lot of strong interpersonal relationships with other women. At Susan’s House you are welcomed into a sisterhood. It is a place where you learn to trust and share your experience with other women. These sisters form your sober-living support network and provide camaraderie and fellowship. A strong support system is vital for sustaining recovery.

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