Posted by on August 30, 2016

KEEP CALM GRATITUDEFor some of people, relapse is a part of our story. For others this is our first introduction into recovery. Those of us who are characterized by chronic relapse recognize that having a spiritual practice and tenacious program is crucial to our success in sobriety. A daily reprieve is not only important but also vital to the longevity of our sobriety.

Meetings are also a huge part of this program, facilitating emotional growth and new healthy, social skills. Since we are no longer numb to feelings and society, meetings create a safe place for us to share our experience, strength and hope and connect with other alcoholics. We are so fortunate to be given the opportunity that not everybody is granted, being in a sober living environment where we are getting to build a strong foundation in our recovery and for our future.

Having a sponsor, attending meetings and working the twelve steps are gravely important and we are blessed to be held accountable and follow through with all of our commitments to those three things. We get to be with other alcoholics, all with different lengths of sobriety and all with different experiences but we all have one thing in common and that is our sole purpose is to stay sober and help our fellows through the continuous journey that is sobriety.


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