Posted by on September 6, 2016

As I grow in sobriety I also grow in tolerance.  I observe this growth in my interactions, especially with difficult individuals.

  Last week I had an opportunity to deal with a person who is actively drinking and not very nice.  Instead of getting mad, I recognized my former self in this person and felt my heart swell with compassion.  My kindness to them cleared the air and the situation was resolved.  I don’t think this person was used to others treating them kindly.  I’m glad I could do this for her.
tolerance-with-othersI was so intolerant in my drinking days, especially when I was hungover.  I threw fits in stores with clerks and yelled at customer service reps over the phone.  They were just doing their job but I would get frustrated so easily.  I’m sure I put out a horrible energy and others responded in kind.

Now it’s just the opposite.  I’m calm and patient and generally happy.  That’s what people feel and it’s what I get back.  I marvel at my “good luck”!  People are so nice!  I used to joke when I got sober that everyone changed!  Everyone was so kind and helpful!  It was me who changed.  We get back what we give out.

It’s such a sad way to live – that vicious cycle of drinking, hangover, intolerance, and expectations.  I’m so grateful to be sober, to live an authentic life, filled with love and kindness, compassion and caring.  I look at how far I’ve come and realize I’ve become that 4C woman I used to dream about.

Stop drinking, use the Statements and you will too.  Onward!  — Deb – Cornville, AZ

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