Posted by on January 31, 2017

Are women’s addictions so different?

Yes, they are.

Is-a-womans-addiction-so-different-Treating-women-with-substance-use-disorders-BOOK-REVIEW-2As we know, addiction spares no one. In fact, substance abuse disorders are a growing health problem among all people. While there are numerous treatment programs that are designed to help people live a substance-free life, women require different types of help.

In comparison with men, women are less likely to get into appropriate addiction treatment during their lifetime. Most common barriers and obstacles that occur among women who are dealing with addiction include:

  • stigma
  • lack of child care for those who are parents
  • lack of family or/and partners support
  • lack of financial resources

Additionally, women usually prefer women-only treatment, stating that such addiction treatment provides greater comfort and safety for them. So, how can we help women? A new manual points us in the right direction.
“Treating Women with Substance Use Disorder – The Women’s Recovery Group Manual” is a book that presents group therapy sessions for women only… But, is this approach successful? What can we learn from this manual? Is it worth having in your home library?


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