Coming out of the Fire, Polished.

Aug. 2, 2019 by

Benefits Associated with Women-Only Support Groups

Jul. 29, 2019 by

Because there are significant differences between men and women with alcohol use disorders, it is logical that there should be specific support groups for women in the same way that there are support groups for men, for individuals with certain

50 Years of Sobriety with Danny Trejo

Jul. 23, 2019 by

Danny Trejo Talks 50 Years Of Sobriety! The 75-year-old actor credits AA’s 12-step program with helping him overcome his drug addiction. Trejo spent time bouncing in and out of prison throughout California during the 1960s, with his final stint lasting

The 10 Health Benefits of Dogs

Jul. 17, 2019 by

The 10 Health Benefits Of Dogs 1. Improve heart health Dogs don’t just fill your heart; they actually make it stronger. Studies show that having a canine companion is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels,

A Friendly Word from ZdoggMD

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10 Challenges of Getting Sober Later in Life

10 Challenges of Getting Sober Later in Life

Feb. 15, 2017 by

By Kelly Fitzgerald at The FIX  02/15/17 If you’ve been using alcohol as a coping mechanism for your entire life and are used to drinking on good days and bad, it’s going to be harder to quit. What happens when you

Six Types Of People You Need In Sobriety

Feb. 11, 2017 by

By Beth Leipholtz 02/10/17 The One Who Tells It Like It Is tells you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear—especially when it’s hard to hear. Think about the people in your life for a moment. Chances are that

Recovering Alcoholics Shouldn’t Drink Kombucha

Recovering Alcoholics Shouldn’t Drink Kombucha

Feb. 5, 2017 by

BY KIRSTEN CHILSTROM July 10, 2014 Alcoholics Anonymous is meant to be a safe zone for recovering addicts, where both major and minor victories are celebrated, where a person can be held to a higher standard of accountability by a

Adventures of a Sober Señorita

Introducing The Adventures of a Sober Señorita

Feb. 5, 2017 by

My name is Kelly Fitzgerald and I am a person in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder. I’m also a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, fiancé, full-time writer, and athlete. Part of my path has been sharing my story through

Mrs D used to be a boozy housewife. Now she’s not.

Mrs D used to be a boozy housewife. Now she’s not.

Feb. 3, 2017 by

I grew up with alcohol all around.  I first got drunk at 15, loved the physical feeling, and (as I now realise) loved the way it pushed emotions away, so I kept doing regularly it until just shy of my 40th birthday. Here I am about

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