Six Tips for a Successful Sober September

Six Tips for a Successful Sober September

Sep. 20, 2019 by

Sober September is here and in full Effect! The seasons are changing and that back-to-school feeling is in the air… If you’ve been drinking more than you planned to over the past few months, now is as good a time


Sep. 15, 2019 by

SHE IS ME, TOGETHER ARE WE: A SHORT STORY ABOUT SISTERHOOD AND SOBRIETY The seasons had shifted in the 28 days between my first trembling step through the doors of treatment and my steadier ones that carried me out. Just

Registered Nurse on DUTY!

Sep. 9, 2019 by

  Registered Nurse on Duty! You won’t find better Peace of Mind than having a Registered Nurse on site at your Sober Living. @SusansHouse offers Suboxone Monitoring & Benzo Withdrawal Monitoring, with Narcan and Medical Supplies available should an emergency

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow

Aug. 30, 2019 by

  Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow! Just look at these Tomatoes we are growing in the Garden at the Sober Living! Coming along nicely 🙂   #gardening #sobriety #tomatoes #susanshousesoberliving #Sisterhood  

Painting the Buddha

Aug. 24, 2019 by

Soon to be Painting this beautiful Buddha statue Gold! @Susanshousesoberliving 🙂 check back for the transformation! “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” -Buddha  

Listen to the VOICE of an Addict

Aug. 16, 2019 by

#voiceofanaddict #sobriety #recovery #losangeles #susanshousesoberliving #chills #gratitude #motivation

Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight.

Aug. 10, 2019 by


Facing Your Feelings

Aug. 8, 2019 by

Many of us have been brought up to perceive certain emotions as a weakness. We come to believe that certain emotions are defective or not allowed. In turn, we suppress our emotions, which are indicators of what our true feelings

Coming out of the Fire, Polished.

Aug. 2, 2019 by

Benefits Associated with Women-Only Support Groups

Jul. 29, 2019 by

Because there are significant differences between men and women with alcohol use disorders, it is logical that there should be specific support groups for women in the same way that there are support groups for men, for individuals with certain

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